Sri Lanka - Location Recording

This August I had the immense privilege of traveling to Sri Lanka with the aim of recording a vast array of sounds drawn both from the depths of the jungle and the local music culture.

Armed with a Zoom H4N and a pair of Adam A3X's that were very kindly lent to me by Adam Audio  - I travelled with my equipment in hand around the North Western, North Central, and Central provinces and returned with over 80 hours of recorded material. 

I am particularly interested in the creation of entirely new sounds through the manipulation of these organic takes, and how raw samples enable the creation of an entirely unique sample-bank. 

Here I have collected some of my favourite memories from the trip, along with some sound snippets that illustrate how I intend to process these sounds for future use in my work.

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This courtyard in a remote part of Hettuwewa became my main home for sifting through recordings as I travelled to the surrounding villages and natural sites.


Recording world's loudest insect: the Cicada. Listen below to the raw recording (warning: it's not a pleasant sound) vs. an example of two processed samples incorporated into music.


Buddhist chants in a remote temple in the mountains, and another chant recorded in  a church in Colombo where a monk was guiding children through prayer.


Visiting Antony Surendra, one of the country's most renowned mandolin players, in Colombo.


Traditional percussion & dance in Colombo.


A villager in the North-Western province playing his Harmonium.

Sri Lankan singing bowl.