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AVA is a neo-classical artist ensemble led by Aisling Brouwer and Anna Phoebe.

Their debut EP 'Waves' combines their classical instruments piano and violin with cinematic soundscapes and haunting electronics.

On 'Mass' they are joined by Nicholas Holland (Balanescu Quartet) on cello.

Aisling is a Berlin-based ambient classical producer and pianist, who has worked extensively in film and TV.

London-based Anna is a renowned violinist and performer who has toured throughout the world and currently works as a composer for The Royal Ballet School.

Their two worlds meet in their mutual love of writing for film, TV and dance, and thus AVA was formed. 

AVA has recently joined the roster of Manners McDade, who are at the forefront of the contemporary classical genre.

'Waves' is the first of two EP's, with a full album due to be released in Autumn 2018.